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ecommbi is New Zealand's longest serving hybris partner, and we are the only partner who is a dedicated hybris specialist. We are currently building out a New Zealand based ‘hybris center of excellence’ so call us for all your hybris requirements.

An eCommerce or multi-channel project is your only large I.T installation that is completely ‘customer facing’, and because of this, there are many differences when compared to other I.T projects such as ERP, CRM, Financial, EDI etc projects. It must take into account user interface (U.I) design, communications and the user experience (U.X), direct marketing, the completeness of data in order to differ single customer and product view, as well as integration to your wider I.T landscape, and the ability to maximise your investment in the hybris application foundation - and this is where ecommbi holds its niche position.

To understand what's happening in eCommerce and multi-channel globally and how it's affecting New Zealand business, or to gain insight into how hybris can help your business transform or move into the online business arena, call us now!

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Your I.T projects need to either increase sales or cut costs via improved efficiency. If they’re not doing that, then you’re not getting the right advice.

Our staff are hybris trained and we have project management, business analysis, developers, testers and technical architects who are ready to help you with your project. Our solution architects can also advise on your wider I.T landscape planning and application integration requirements no matter where you are in the software development lifecycle.

Our center of excellence is based on global I.T best practice, and much of our experience has been gained offshore within some of the largest I.T implementations in the world. Data, application, and project integration pose the biggest issues when installing your eCommerce/Multi-channel project, and we have both eCommerce and middleware architects who can help you through this process to ensure a successful installation.

We are experts in...

Multi-channel retailing is the use of a variety of channels in a customers shopping experience including research before a purchase”. There can be up to 8 different channels utilised by a customer or business partner prior to a purchase, and at any given channel change, there is a 50% chance that the customer will move to a competitor. Multi-channel installations address this as well as other issues like channel conflict, single product view across your I.T landscape (the single most important factor when doing business online).


There are a number of stages a company typically goes through when going online. Brochure websites move into shopping cart websites, which then become integrated to back end systems, and then additional functionality is added e.g. multi-country, multi-site, multi-currency etc. No matter where you are in the process, we can help you upgrade your website to a better platform or rebuild it onto a technology stack that gives you better ROI.


Middleware is the ‘glue’ that enables your I.T systems to integrate, or ‘talk’ to each other. Without an effective middleware platform or application, you will have a number of applications sitting in silo to each other. This restricts your ability to offer single customer view, or offer product enrichment that spans across your I.T landscape. Effective data or application integration is another crucial element when constructing your eCommerce or multi-channel application.


Marketing for the online environment takes many forms, and can be completed by many different organisations. Communications Strategy, Campaign Management, User Interface (U.I), User Experience (U.X), Social & Video marketing, Loyalty schemes, Pricing & Promotions, Business Intelligence and Marketing Datamart integration are all areas that need to be taken into consideration when road-mapping your eCommerce or Multi-channel project.



The ecommbi founders have +30 years experience between them in both direct marketing and the implementation of industrial strength eCommerce applications.

The name ecommbi is an abbreviation of ‘eCommerce’, and B.I. (‘Business Intelligence’), and this reflects our commitment to the field of eCommerce, multi-channel, and results expected via the online proposition.

Global Experience

Our company has built strategic partnerships throughout the world, and we have close relationships with partner in Europe, India, and the US. We are in constant contact with global leaders in the eCommerce/multi-channel space and this enables us to keep you at the forefront of what's happening not only in New Zealand, but globally as well.

I.T. & Marketing

Whether you’re at the very start of your multi-channel journey, or you’ve completed an eCommerce installation and are now looking for qualified support in this area, then ecommbi can help you make the most of your I.T investment. Our company is built around eCommerce and Multi-channel, we’re one of the very few companies who have deep experience in I.T. architecture and development, as well as data and direct marketing capability. This is crucial for a successful online project.

We deliver the Safety and Security required for your successful eCommerce projects


We bring it to your project, and this in itself starts to galvanise your internal teams toward the successful delivery of an eCommerce project. We bring the passion required in all aspects of the project, in order to ensure successful buy-in from your whole company!


We genuinely have global architecture expertise in eCommerce, middleware and direct/data marketing – and we only hire the best. We continually draw on this to keep you informed throughout and beyond your project implementation.


We have in-depth experience across all areas of the software development life-cycle. In addition to this we have the experience required to build and manage the functional and technical components for a successful Commerce or true Multi-channel project implementation.